The project overview



Liz and I designed our ideal home before ever finding Lower House Farm. We had decided that we wanted a family home with a few large rooms, no corridors and a lot of natural light.

bild 1 klein.jpg (11059 Byte)Many of our ideas had come from places we have visited including the Villa Maroc in Essaouira, Morocco.


We had researched a number of building styles and decided that green oak could be the most attractive because of its natural soft appearance even from erection. Through a friend (thank you Bella), we had heard of Roderick James, a specialist green oak frame architect in Devon. Roderick adapted our naive design to adopt some of his ideas and experience.

With this adapted design and Roderick's style for cladding (weatherboarding and large glazed panels), we appointed Jim Brotherhood as the project architect. Jim Brotherhood developed the plans and achieved planning consent for the Main House, Swimming Pool & Garages.

The frame details for the Main House and Swimming Pool were designed by Duncan Ellis who sadly died in 2001. He was an inspired designer and great fun to work with.

Following planning consent we developed the detail plans in preparation for construction.

We selected Hantall Developments as the main contractors.

Construction is a long and wearing process!

We moved in before the Main House was complete because the house we were living in had been sold and we could delay no longer. It was a little like camping at first!

Finishing work continued for a further 5 months.