Crocky Trail



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24 March 2002

Dscn1279.jpg (427379 bytes)The tumble drier should be at the end of the trail when everyone is wet

Dscn1283.jpg (401589 bytes)Anything is possible with an audience

Dscn1289.jpg (469522 bytes)After this there was an alarming crack

Dscn1293.jpg (459965 bytes)How genteel

Dscn1294.jpg (425100 bytes)'Go left' were the cries

Dscn1296.jpg (451102 bytes)At certain things he works very hard

Dscn1298.jpg (439988 bytes)Clinging on for dear life

Dscn1299.jpg (423632 bytes)The start of the mud wrestling

Dscn1301.jpg (412365 bytes)What are they doing? Hiding behind a tree?

Dscn1302.jpg (391524 bytes)It's there own fault

Dscn1305.jpg (442102 bytes)Those with strong arms stay on...

Dscn1307.jpg (431852 bytes)Those with weak arms fall off

Dscn1311.jpg (399225 bytes)Strength test?