A brief history




19 Dec 1925 The property was bought by Mr W Vickers from The Most Honourable George Horatio Charles Marquis of Cholmondeley

Lower Farm House used to be part of the Cholmondeley Estate, a large estate much of which is still owned by Lady Cholmondeley who lives in Cholmondeley Castle. They are developing a web site at www.cholmondeley.com.

10 Jul 1947 The property was conveyed from W Vickers to W Vickers, Miss E Vickers, Miss LA Vickers & Miss J M Vickers
1969 The details when it was sold by auction (unsuccessfully)
22 Jan 1971 Conveyance from Vickers to Evans
2 Jul 1976 Conveyance from Evans to Anderson
   An aerial photo before the garage was built


   An aerial photo not long before we bought it


   The 'draining board' - literally a board with the site drains drawn on it


Jul 1999   Conveyance from Anderson to Nimmo - end of history